Happy Halloween from LACASA!

Kids ready for their candy, excited about all the costumes.

“Gimme the candy, now!”


Have a happy Halloween everyone!




2010 LACASA Holiday Party

LACASA wishes to thank all the parents and students who took part in the fantastic 2010 Holiday Party. Click the following link for a for a gallery of photos .

The LACASA Step Team show off their skills

The 4th graders perform their own Greek inspired play.

Leslie introduces her students with a jig.

The LACASA Chess Team teach the youngsters.

Click here for more photos

LACASA’s Annual Holiday Celebration on Wednesday, December 22


Dear LACASA Parents/Guardians,

You are invited to LACASA’s Annual Holiday Celebration on Wednesday, December 22, 2010 from 3:00-6:00PM for food, festivities, and fun.  There will be arts & crafts, face painting, family photo sessions and the opening of the LACASA Store for t-shirts, bags, pencils, and more.  At 5:00PM, join us for the children’s holiday performance in the auditorium.

All LACASA Children: We request that all students wear a white or red shirt.  A Santa hat is optional.

All 4th Graders: We are requesting that each 4th grader brings a solid color sheet, preferably white, by December 15, 2010 for use in the performance.  All sheets will be returned in their original condition.

Please return the following portion of this notice by December 17, 2010.  We look forward to seeing you and your families there!


Melissa Long

Program Coordinator


Child’s Name: ________________________________________                Grade: _________

Parent’s Name: _________________________________________

______ My child and I will be attending LACASA’s Holiday Celebration

______ I will bring food         Please specify:     Main dish     Side dish     Dessert

______ I will bring drinks

______ I will contribute $ for Celebration costs (Suggested Donation: $10)