Registration and Payment

Program Payment Policies

Slots are allocated to program participants based on information from your enrollment form. We offer limited scholarships to our program. Scholarships will only be allotted to families who are eligible for free lunch. (Please refer to to determine if your family is eligible for free lunch).

Our program fees are the following:

  • Standard Weekly Fee: $125.00

To learn about our sliding scale fees, please contact us

*We also accept child care vouches from ACS and HRA

Methods of Payment

We accept all major credit cards, checks, and money orders. We cannot accept cash. If you would like pay with a credit card, please visit our contact page.

Delinquent Account and Program Suspensions

We rely on payments and fees from our participants to operate our programs. Without it, we would not be able to fund our program activities, nor pay our program providers and staff. Therefore, we are implementing a very strict payment policy. If an account becomes delinquent due to non-payment, our after school administration will notify the account holder immediately. After we have notified you and a payment still has not been made, suspension of our after school services for your child will be enforced. You will be notified of your child’s last day in our program. Services will only be restored once we receive and process your payment.