Daily Routine

L.A.C.A.S.A After School begins at school dismissal (2:50 PM) and operates until 6 PM, Monday through Friday. Our program operates when school is in session. We do not run programs on school holidays, vacations, and half days, and snow days, as authorized by the New York City Department of Educations. We will not operate our program on the following days:


  • September 23-24
  • October 12
  • November 3
  • November 5
  • November 11
  • November 26-27
  • December 24-January 1


  • January 18
  • February 8
  • February 15-19
  • March 3
  • March 25
  • April 25-29
  • May 30
  • June 9
  • June 14

School Dismissal

All program participants are brought to the cafeteria at 2:50 PM by their school day teacher. From 2:50 PM to 3:30 PM, our participants receive supper (a hot meal) by cafeteria and program staff. If participants do not want to eat the food given to them, then they can bring in an extra meal or snack to eat during this time. Clean up of the cafeteria begins around 3:20 PM.

NOTE: If your child has a food allergy, please indicate this on your enrollment application. You may also provide your child with a snack of their own.

Enrichment Activities

All program participants receive up to 45 minutes of study hall time. During their study hall period, participants can complete homework assignments and projects and read independently, using the books they receive during the school day.

Built into each group’s schedule during the week is up to 90 minutes of physical activity, cooking, science, and art. Through partnerships with other community programs, at various points throughout the program participants also participate in City Center and/or New York Historical Society.

Flexible Option

We also offer single class activies, which in the past have included Chef Toni’s Cooking Adventures, The Piano School of New York, Jodi’s Gym, Chess With Micah, and P.S.84 teach led activities.

All flex classes last 60 minutes and operate between the hours of 3:30 PM and 4:30 PM. Students enrolled in these classes are dismissed in the cafeteria at 2:50 PM by their school day teacher, participate in supper, and then are brought to their flex activity.

Prices for each class is determined by the service provider. Our program adds a registration fee, which covers the cost of providing our staff member during each class session.

Program Dismissal

The safety of our program participants and staff is very important to us. Only people indicated on your child’s enrollment form will be authorized to pick up your child, unless prior notice was given to our Site Coordinator.

In order to ensure everyone’s safety during program, and that there are no disruptions during our hours of operation, we have put the following dismissal protocol in place:

  • Dismissal begins promptly at 5:30 PM. All participants are brought to the cafeteria by their Group Leaders. Parents will be allowed to enter the cafteria beginning at 5:25 PM. Parents have until 6 PM to pick up their child in the cafteria. Please refer to our FAQs page for our late pick up protocol.
  • If you must pick up your child earlier than our dismissal time, you must (1) go to the Security Desk, (2) at the security desk inform our program staff that you there to pick up your child and the grade your child is in, (3) sign out your child, indicating the time you pick up your child, (4) remain at the Security Desk until your child is brought down to you.

At no point during the program should any parent, guardian, or relative roam the hallway to pick up their child. Doing so disrupts our participants and their activity. Note: This process takes 10-15 minutes.