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Here is our emerging list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) — download here



Frequently Asked Questions

When does afterschool begin?

2009-2010 After school begins on Monday, September 14th 2009.

How can I receive an application?

Applications can be downloaded from, or picked up from room 114 @ PS 84.

What are the fees for afterschool?

Afterschool fees are listed in our application and enrollment packet.

Can I sign my child up for both the FLEXIBLE and FULL programs?

Yes, children have the option of being in both our full AND flexible programs.

What fees do I pay for being in both the FLEXIBLE and FULL programs?

When you sign up for a flexible club, you pay the fees for that club outlined in application and enrollment packet. If you are interested in the full program as well, you will also pay the assigned fee for your slot.

When will I know if I was given a full scholarship, reduced rate or full rate slot?

Letters will be mailed to families the week of June 26th, 2009.

Do I get a discount for signing up more than one child ?

There are no discounts offered, however if you have a hardship you may present your case to the program director who will then submit your request to the Executive Director.

If my child does not come to afterschool for a week, do I still have to pay for that week?

Yes. Our program fees are fixed and we do not prorate them and it guarantees your child a slot in our program for the entire semester, whether your child is present or not.

When are afterschool fees due?

At the time of enrollment, a 10% deposit is due for all full program registrants and 50% deposit for flexible program registrants. The balance is due in full by October 30th, 2009. If you need a payment plan, please see Ramon Cuevas, Program Director.

What is the fundraising agreement?

In order to keep fees affordable we will be hosting a raffle for the 2009-2010 afterschool year. We are asking families to sell $200 worth of raffle tickets or make a tax-deductible contribution of $200.

Do I have to sign the fundraising agreement?

Yes. We believe that as committed partners in your child’s after school activities both parents and LACASA must raise funds to keep fees affordable while providing a quality program. The fundraising agreement an essential component of your application and will be deemed incomplete in this section is not filled out.

If my child is absent, do I need to notify someone?

If you child attends PS 84 and is absent, you do not need to notify anyone. However, if your child attends another school, we need to know at least one hour before 3:00PM that your child is absent.

How do I add/remove someone from the pick-up and emergency contact list?

To add/remove someone from the pick-up or emergency contact list, please call 212-874-3098 or send a letter addressed to Ramon Cuevas.

When and where does dismissal take place?

All children are dismissed at 6:00PM from the cafeteria.

What if I’m late picking my child up?

Dismissal happens promptly at 6:00PM. For every 10 minutes, you are late; a $5 late pick-up fee will be assessed and added to your tuition bill.

Do I have to re-enroll my child for the second semester?

You only need to resubmit a club registration form with payment for the second semester, indicating your choice of Full or Flexible program enrollment. You will be notified when program selection forms are available for the Spring ’10 semester.

If your question has not been answered, please feel free to contact the LACASA After School at 212-874-7272 or email